Monday, February 15, 2010

Robot Love Story

Director spike jonze produced the 30-minute short i’m here for absolut vodka. this robot love story set in present-day los angeles, premiered at this year’s sundance film festival and will launch online globally on thu – mar 1.
There's six exclusive screenings this week in london, manchester and edinburgh.

london: thu - feb 25 [7pm + 8.45pm]
location: ncp car park, brewer street [soho]

manchester: fri - feb 26 [7pm + 8.45pm]
location: shude hill car park [shude hill]

edinburgh: sat - feb 27 [7pm + 8.45pm]
location: sovereign house, 10-12 young street [downtown]

You should see it, you might hate it, it might make you think he ripped off daft punk, but you should see it.I actually really, really liked it. And I don't say that often.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

R.I.P Lee

The last thing I worked on there was sewing the skirt of this insane dress. He came up behind me and said something complimentary and I remember my foot hitting the machine pedal in shock and almost ruining the thing!

So Sad. Interned with McQueen years back. He was a strange mix of awkward, shy and arrogant. Such a talent. It was amazing watching him work. His studio is down the road from my flat and I saw him not so long ago. Bummed.

Plus, he still owes me a pack from of Marloboro Lights from after the S/S 2003 show. I'll let you off dude. R.I.P.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tokihito Yoshida

It's funny how much more interested we become in our parents with age. Just found out my dad apprenticed at Terrance Conran in the 70's when he was at London College of Furniture. The only work I thought he did back then was labouring.